Name: Anthony Wesley Evennett

Painting name: Wesevo -

(Wes: Wesley - mums maiden name)

(Evo: Evennett - fathers name) 

Combine both names to celebrate both parents, not just one.   My painting, I got this gift from both parents. My father is artisitic, my mother is a great cook. Cooking is an art. Both bloods run through my veins.  So 'Wesevo' was created to show this.

From: Tubetube Island, Milne Bay Province

How long have you been painting?
First painting was March 2014. Before that, I would do other things like carpentry, welding, painting, screen printing.  I did little scetches, designed homes in village or when someone asked me to design a tattoo, I would.In 2013,I did a big 3 
dimentional plywood turtle theme for conservation in Alotau.  But it was only in 2014 that I started to really take my painting seriously.

You have a few projects / initiatives going on.  Tell us alittle about them:
I give art classes on the weekend.  Its an avenue for anyone to come to the studio and let go of what binds them to society. All are welcome.  There is a small fee. Anyone who is interested can message me on facebook for the amounts depending on how long they want their class to go.


What are Wesevo's plans for the future?I am planning to create an area where artists can come and express themselves. Music, recordings, painting, sewing, screen printing, welding artistic pieces, converting junk into re-usable things, Ill also have an art gallery etc... The gallery will feature other artists work as well.  So, people can come into the gallery, see all the art but also see the artists working and creating. Get one on one with the artists.

Does your vision influence your paintings?
Actually, my paintings influence my vision. Since Ive started painting, its like missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together.  Everything that I love doing in life, is being brought together by painting, by art. Ive done everything from construction, cooking, electrical, plumbing to being on fishing boats.
Im just learning and every new painting is a new episode in my life. Art is influencing me in how I live my life and how I view things. My visions are brought on by my art and ofcourse they have to be molded around the things that I love otherwise, there'll be no drive and it'll be all monetary and I dont wanna go down that road. I wanna build this place out of love, passion and anyone else that wants to be a part of that will also have to share that passion and love for art.

What new concept have you got to introduce to willing and interested business houses?
In regards to artists paintings, business houses can rent them out on a monthly basis.  So instead of buying one painting, business houses can rent them. Every month, they can have a different painting hanging on their walls to give a fresh new look to the cafe, restaurant, reception office, etc... And that also provides a steady income for an artist and encourages the artist to create greater, new work.

What "up and coming event" are you looking forward to?
I have an art exhibit in Alotau in June this year, where I will have at least 50 pieces to show.  Im looking forward to that.

Thankyou Tony for allowing DiscoverPNG.com to interview you. 

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